Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why you are the best?

We don’t praise our self without any reason. The people who have taken the advantage of our service they gave us the feedback that our service is best than other services.

Is there any limit?

No there is no limit of retweet. Your tweet can be retweeting many times.

Is there any special time to post?

No, there is no specific time to post but you have to post daily because the users are waiting for your tweet.

How much money I have to pay?

We have various packages it’s your choice what you want to buy. There are no hidden charges so for more information contact with us.

Can twitter block me?

No, twitter will never block you. Our expert team will take care of it. You can freely enjoy your popularity.

Do you offer service guarantee?

Yes, we offer 100% service guarantee. You will get followers according to your packages.

Are they real?

Yes, they are real followers. They are not fakes so doesn’t worry be happy.

Do you need any password?

For security reason we don’t need your password. We only want your page link so that we can deliver your order instantly.